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High speed laundry detergent capping machine 4/6/8 capping heads
High speed laundry detergent capping machine 4/6/8 capping heads

Model: FXX-4C/6C/8C

Minimum order quantity: 1set

Payment term: T/T, L/C

Delivery time: 45 working days.

Delivery port: Shanghai, China

Packing: Non-fumigation wooden case inserted Iron Shelf, suitable for long time sea delivery

Certificate: ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE, CO

Standard: Meet GMP standard

Cleaning: easy cleaning

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Service: Engineer is available to install and debug the equipment at customer site.

1. Bottle inlet by screw, stable and anti-shake, stable into the bottle, automatic alarm when bottle lacking



2. Each capping head is equipped with a clutch device, and the cap is elastically adjustable. When the cap is tightened, the clutch is disengaged, thereby avoiding the injury of the cap and prolonging the service life of the capping head; grasping the outer cap and rotating the outer cap, stable performance

2 (1).jpg

2 (2).jpg

3. Suitable for bottle and cap

3 (1).jpg

3 (2).jpg

4.Inlet bottle lacking detecting sensor

The machine installed bottle lack photoelectric detection and bottle blocking photoelectric detection, when the bottle lack in inlet place, machine will stop and alarm automatically; when inlet bottle enough, machine will start running automatically; when the bottle blocking in outlet place, machine will stop and alarm automatically; when bottle blocking relieve, machine will start running automatically; 



5. Conveyor and drip gutter:

the conveyors before filling and after filling equipped with drip gutter also, to prevent liquid drop on ground and pollution workshop.


6.Oil-water separator:

The oil-water separator is installed before inlet main pipe, can prolong the service life of pneumatic components, main machine with air pressure protection alarm device, when the air pressure is over high or over low, main machine will stop automatically and alarm.


7.Protection door:

All doors on the machine are equipped with safety door switches and full range of interlock control. If any door is opened, the machine cannot start or stop automatically.


8.Cover lock:

All protection cover of machine is easily open and close, just press it and rotate, it is convenient for operate to make maintenance.


9. Jogging device:

The commissioning personnel can jog the equipment through the hand-held control box. The control box has the jog and emergency stop functions. The commissioning personnel can press the emergency stop button at any time even if it is debugged behind the equipment to prevent accidental injury.


10.Touch screen:

The support of touch screen adopts 360-degree rotatable bracket, which is easy to operate, simple and generous in appearance, strong in practicability, and gives the operator a kind of enjoyment at one's own will.


11.Electric box:

The electrical part are in top side of machine, can prevent water and material inside it, safety and environmental.



12.Cable trays:

simple structure, beautiful appearance, flexible configuration and convenient maintenance, so that the cables and air pipes on the site are not messy.


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